Digital Marketing trends to look out for in 2016

Making a success out of your digital marketing plans can be a challenge. From ensuring your onsite content is optimised to having the right online presence on social media, finding a cohesive and comprehensive strategy can be difficult. However, although there is still very much a place for traditional marketing in modern business, it’s likely that a company’s digital efforts will become increasingly important for generating leads, conversions and ultimately encouraging growth.

A significant challenge that a number of smaller firms experience is trying to stay on top of developments and advances in the industry. With Google almost constantly upgrading and altering its algorithms and digital marketing trends fading almost as quickly as they spring up, it can be difficult to ensure your brand stays relevant and is using the right tools to engage with your target audience.

This can be especially challenging for smaller businesses. Without the considerable budget needed to fund a creative team, it can seem like an impossible task to keep on top of digital marketing.

Although some trends can be more a fad, and be almost obsolete after a couple of months, for many areas of digital marketing it’s possible to spot ones that are going to stick around for a while. For smaller companies, these should be where to start when thinking about updating your strategy for the next year.

But what are those digital marketing trends? Here are some of the areas that are likely to be a key part of digital marketing success in 2016:

Personalised content

Competition is going to get fiercer than ever. With the recent changes Google has made to its ads, brands big and small are going to be throwing even more money to get their pages to rank well. If you can’t afford to compete with the multi-million pound budgets of international corporations, the best way to ensure you are not lost in the crowd is to become great at reaching your intended audience. This will negate the need to battle it out with your larger rivals, and instead customers will come straight to your for the service they need.

In 2016, one of the best ways to ensure you are reaching and engaging with your target audience is to create personalised content. There are many ways you can make your customers know they matter to you and the best way to achieve it will largely depend on the people you are aiming to bring onboard. Often dubbed ‘relationship marketing’, this method may mean a higher investment of time initially, but the returns are likely to be much stronger and encourage loyalty and advocacy among consumers.


Many companies have been investing in video content for a while now, but things are likely to snowball in 2016 because of one big change – Google is getting involved. Although other sites like Yahoo have already joined the party, this year Google is going to allowing video content to show up in its search engine results pages (SERPs).

As you probably already know, Google already owns YouTube, meaning the impact of video content is likely to become far more important.

Location-based marketing

Alongside the growth of more personalised content, location-based marketing is also expected to become more important. Of course this will rely on having strong methods of identifying and targeting your audience, but it is just one of the ways that companies are trying to fuse traditional and digital marketing.

With all of these digital marketing trends, optimising your website and any onsite content will be crucial to overall success as it allows your target audience to find you, which is the first crucial step in the consumer journey.

Digital Marketing trends