Getting ahead online with competitor analysis

We were recently approached by a marketing agency to create a report for them. It wasn’t the typical report that we would produce for a client but contained lots of the elements that we were used to supplying.

It turned out that this report was actually going to help an investor with a potential acquisition decision. Essentially they needed to see the position of a brand in a particular online marketplace and in various territories – the type of data that we at Leeds Digital Marketing access every day.

What we realised whilst pulling this piece together, is that we are engaged in competitor analysis for clients all the time but have never offered it as a standalone service. Until now…

We’re now offering a couple of set packages:

  • For clients who may have limited in-house marketing resources but want to make informed decisions about their marketing spend and see what their competitors are doing to get ahead.
  • For marketing agencies that need extra special data that will make them look great in a pitch situation.

Give us a call or drop us a line and let us help you get ahead with competitor analysis.