Glass Explorer Programme Now Open in the UK

So, it’s finally arrived in the UK, but still very much in its infancy. For a mere £1,000 you too can become a Google Glass Explorer. This is great for digital marketing in Leeds.

It boasts over 40 apps and now comes in a variety of colours – still looking like something out of Star Trek I’m pretty sure I would get some odd looks walking around in Leeds.

I was asked by my Dad today “are these actually going to be mainstream or are they just for the tech lover”. He also commented that they would have to come dramatically down in price to be affordable by the masses.

I think the answer lies in not only what they can do above and beyond any other computer technically but also the freedom that they provide the user.

Voice activated technology is not a new thing –  I phones have had this function for years, but the interesting part is the fact that now both hands are free. Imagine everything you do that require both of your hands. Now try and imagine how a computer could help with what you are doing, but you can’t use one because your hands are both busy. For example, following a recipe whilst cooking a meal; playing the guitar and never having to stop to turn the page on the sheet music; following directions on the street whilst carrying shopping.

There are some great innovative ideas that have already come to Glass and I can’t wait to see what the UK come up with now more people can get their hands on a pair