Google Glass Apps that will change your life!

Just to get you excited – here are a few of the Google Glass Apps that will help you through your day to day. In 5 years we won’t know what we did without them!

Preview for Glass

Ever looked at a movie poster and thought “that looks good I must watch the trailer”. Well now you can, just by looking at the poster you can instantly watch the movie trailer with this App

Home work for Glass

This App allows students to keep up with their assignments without carrying round loads of books and a syllabus. Just ask Glass “what’s due?”

Name This Song

How annoying is it when you hear a song and can’t remember the name – now all you have to do is say “Glass, name this song”

Drive Safe 4 Glass

Not that this should every replace knowing your own instincts and when tired, not driving, but this app could save your life. The glasswear can detect when you are falling asleep – wake you up and direct you to the nearest place to rest so that you can sleep.

Check a Battery

Need to check a battery? Well now you can do just that with the ‘Check a Battery’ for Glass App.

Uni Speech for Glass

This App allows a nearly real-time speech translation between languages. So you can have a conversation with someone without ever speaking the same language.

Watch Me Talk

This is an amazing App for the hearing impaired. It allows live capturing of people talking to help with day to day conversations.

Follow My Glass

Don’t worry if you have become too dependent on Glass and you go and lose your pair…..Follow My Glass does just that. You can know the exact location your Glass was and when it was there.