Google Glass Explorer Programme is closed – Is Glass dead?

As a Google Glass Explorer I was fortunate enough to try out the glasses and be involved in the first beta programme for Google Glass.

The announcement caused quite a stir in the Glass community and also on National News in the UK with a headline article from the BBC. With only 10,000 glasses released in the UK, why has this made such a stir and what, if any future does Google Glass have?

The overwhelming reason for the explorer programme to be halted and the product not to be sold to the mass market is that people who wore the device felt like idiots. Yes you could pick from a range of glasses to suit your face, but there was no getting away from the big camera at the front. It seems that despite the technology being pretty cool, the glasses were definitely not.

The second major issue was one of legality. Funnily enough, people didn’t like other people wearing the glasses and reported to feel violated against their privacy.  There has been a mounting response of concern from the public, many of whom have described Glass as ‘Creepy’ as to locations you are allowed to wear the device.  The Telegraph wrote an interesting article on where glass is already banned. The list included Restaurants, strip clubs, cars, banks and at ATMs. It seems all doom and gloom for Glass……or is it?

As Glass may have to go back to the drawing board for mass commercial use and address its style and legal issue (along with technical problems Glass Explorers found) There have been some very interesting breakthroughs with start up businesses. Over in the states one of  Forbes 30 under 30ers Pelu Tran was busy co-founding Augmendix, a Google Glass based business for Doctors and health professionals.

There are many supporters of Glass and I for one am looking forward to new devices and new businesses that form from this technology.

The Glass Explorer programme may be closed but is not dead as people continue to wear the device and move it forward in their own way.