Google’s Digital Garage launching in Leeds

Google are launching a new initiative to help small business throughout the world and they are starting with Leeds.

In a launch event at the venue in Clarence Dock Google’s Eileen Naughton explained they had chosen Leeds because it was the fasted growing economy in the UK outside of the capital.

Google have committed to train 1 million Europeans in crucial digital skills by 2016 and Ed Balls MP was there on the day to show solidarity for our region.

Google are providing pop up venues staffed with Google technicians who provide one-to-one 40 minute consultations for small business (for free) to discuss anything digital. The aim to get businesses online that are not at present and to help fine tune others digital offering to make the most out of their marketing and increase their return on investment.

The first of these venue’s is at Leeds Dock, formally known as Clarence Dock. Google have set up a large co – working space with chill out areas, one-to-one seating and free wifi and coffee. Upstairs the venue boasts a large conference area which Google will use to deliver free seminars on a range of digital topics.

On top of this the venue is available for use by Leeds and Yorkshire based businesses or schools as a digital learning hub during the working day and on evenings

More details can be found at the digital garage site for both one-on-ones and how to book the venue.

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