Online Retail purchases on Mobile overtake PC’s

Online Retail Purchases on mobiles overtake PC’s.

Its official. According to news reports this week mobile devices surpass pc’s in online retail. A whopping 55% of purchases were made in the UK last month on mobiles compared to 45% on desktops. So what does this mean for the future of shopping online?

Over the last few years website designers have had to start thinking about how their designs look on a mobile as well as a desktop for online retail. It used to be very infuriating when you wanted to access a site and all you can see is a scaled down version of the main site. Many companies used a separate ‘mobile’ site for their important information to get around this issue. Now many site are created with RWD (responsive web design). RWD allows the same site  to change the way it looks and behaves dependant on the size and type of device on which the site is being shown.

Which ever way the site is displayed these statistics clearly state the importance of researching customers user journey on a mobile and implementing the easiest way to navigate in order to make the most of mobile users and increase customers online.

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