Wearable technology: 2014 will be the year

I recently attended a Guardian Masterclass  in Google Glass as an introduction into this wearable technology. Despite being in ‘beta testing’ stage and despite there being relatively few of these in the UK at the time, this technology is really just around the corner.

At the time I went to the class, there were 10,000 glasses given by google to ‘Google Explorers’. These are companies and individuals who applied to Google (and paid $1,500) to be involved in the first testing batch. All Glass is fitted with a GPRS and each Glass was monitored by Google to ensure they were doing what the Explorer applied for them to do. Taking them overseas for example, without the consent of Google, would most likely end up with your Glass being disabled. First thought about that – Big Brother is watching!! When these go mainstream does that mean Google can follow you around knowing your every move. I suppose how different is that Apple today?

I’m going to be writing more about Glass as I follow it and it’s uses, Apps, inventions and uptake and like any new invention, it’s pro’s and con’s.

Here is a few of the insights from the master class leader and thoughts about where it will go.

Main media need to react quickly or likes of newspapers and news production will be in danger. We are used to watching the news through one reporter’s camera and take this as factual information. If thousands of ordinary people on the streets have cameras, surely when a disaster happens we get to see thousands of people’s point of views – in video format?

The healthcare industry will be highly affected not just to assist Doctors in operating theatres or for diagnosis, but for self-diagnosis and the possibility of monitoring blood pressure, heart rate etc at home.

There has been discussion on how Glass can help with driving, however there has already been one incident where a Glass wearer was taken to court for wearing Glass and being distracted. The case was dropped when Google said they ‘could not’ provide specific information regarding the moments before the event on Glass (yeah right).

One of the more amazing things we were shown (and you must see this if your into gaming or running) is a new app for google glass called ‘Race Yourself’ http://mashable.com/2014/01/08/race-yourself-app/. This App turns you into a gaming character, records your route and time and allows you to effectively ‘race yourself’ on your own personal best.

I will keep adding information to this blog about new apps and technologies – if you have any opinions or new information you would like to share, please comment for send me a message.